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What You Need Inside a Hamster Cage

Hi readers!
Before you decide to have a hamster as pet, you have to prepare the cage. You can purchase a wire cage, or make it yourself. You can also use a fish tank, or modify a bird cage like I did.

Here are some goods you need to keep inside your hamster cage

  • Hamster water bottle

  • Hamster house / hamster igloo
Hamsters live in a hole in their natural habitat. They love to hide & sleep in a dark place. If you don't provide a hamster house, they will sleep under the wheel, water bottle, or another objects as long as it's shaded.

Hamster's natural habitat

  • Hamster dish
Hamsters have instinct to save their foods in one place, they will collect the foods even if you don't provide hamster dish. Heavy dish (from porcelain) is better because hamsters tend to overthrow the dish. Or you can use wide plastic tray instead. Hamsters, especially the Syrian breed, prefer their foods put on the floor.
  • Litter/bedding
The best litter/bedding for hamster is zeolite, because it can absorb fluid fast & control the odor. Zeolite is washable, so it's very economical. Choose the medium size of zeolite, not the fine one. Fine zeolite texture is almost like sand, urine will cause clumping to it.

Personally I don't recommend sawdust because the odor control is bad & it gets wet easily. Moreover, sawdust is not washable.



Well, here are some pictures of my hamster cages..

Modified from a bird cage, I add the second floor to create more space

Hamsters are nocturnal, they're active at night.
They sleep at daytime under the stairs because there's no hamster igloo.

Above : modified bird cage
Below : wire hamster cage I bought from a market
Both cages look similar, eh?
See, the hamsters sleep in the igloo & under the wheel

Hamster cage made from plastic box

My Syrian hamsters love to play with the wheel

Winter white hamsters, my first hamsters
Winter whites are smaller than Syrians

Bye.. see you in the next post!

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